WhatsApp groups as subcultures

To make subcultures & sub-identities relatable for a younger marketing audience, I often use the example of Whatsapp groups. How we wear different ‘masks’ depending on the group we are participating in.

The sensibilities differ and so does the appropriateness of content and jokes being forwarded, creating a whole group culture.

With the Section 377 news recently, it was interesting to see how different groups responded

1. The younger lot (in their 20’s) were the most emotionally enthused about it, primarily in cosmopolitan, professional groups.

2. The older lot (35+) similar profile in a mixed age group was supportive, with a ‘nice, but what’s the big deal?’ sentiment.

3. My (45+, mixed gender) IMT group was mildly positive.

4. Complete silence on my cousins group which has 3 generations on it (max ‘good morning’ forwards daily)

5. Most active was my graduation group of 45+, all males, high % born in small-town India. Having always mocked homosexuality with gay abandon, this was an opportunity for rollicking political incorrectness. The number of jokes (I liked the one about the confused Anti-Romeo squads on Valentine’s) on this group was a good indicator of the pulse of mass India.

What was your experience?


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