The Power of Stereotyping

It is clear Kohli and Kumble have differences of opinion. What is also clear is that this Indian team has shaped up into a fine unit in Test matches at home and one dayers anywhere in the world. Under Kumble’s coaching and Kohli’s captaincy.

What is interesting is this – without sufficient understanding of what happened behind the scenes, we have made up our mind about who is ‘wrong’. Based on our perception of the two personalities which in turn is built on very limited ‘data’ we have on them.

Our view of ‘who must be guilty’ reflects our cultural grounding.

Kohli’s in-your-face, passionate, aggressive avatar when pitted against Kumble’s gentlemanly, studious, sincere persona has little chance!

Kohli comes across as the spoilt brat, refusing to adhere to the obviously well meaning disciplining of the ‘teacher’ coach.

In this debate we are willing to ignore the hard work, discipline and diligence behind the making of Kohli, the athlete and captain.

Do we do this outside of cricket field? In our everyday, less mega, but no less fascinating game of looking at life from our coloured lenses. To people and episodes around us…?


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