Papa main class mein first aaya!

Papa main class mein first aaya!

This might trigger happy (or wistful!) memories for you. Academic success means different things to the different people involved.

For parents – it’s acknowledgement of successful parenting and optimism for the child’s future, often compensation for their own relative lack of opportunities and success.

For the child – it is the joy of making the parents happy & proud. Which is why, young kids who do poorly in exams feel guilty towards parents, not worried about their own future.

So you see how the promise of better results would have to be sold differently to a parent as opposed to a child.

Therein lies a simple truth about marketing that many marketers continue to miss. Perhaps even more so in the tech categories.

I increasingly hear – ‘understanding emotions is useful for making 30-second TVCs’.


Understanding emotions is useful to understand what your consumer actually buys (or will buy).

That continues to be the case even as the 30-seconder becomes an increasingly impotent tool.

The challenge is to understand how you promise to fulfil that emotional need today, rather than disregarding it.

Because while the means of marketing are changing, the meaning continues to be the same.


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