I love my job because…

There are many reasons why we like or dislike our jobs. The kind of boss, the organization culture, the work hours, the pay package…

In a recent insight workshop, we had a chance to reflect on this and it lead to an interesting perspective.

I like a job because I like who I become when I am doing the job.

Similarly, I dislike a job when I dislike who I become in doing it.

Like in many other areas in life, how we like to see ourselves drives our choices.

Be it the choice of a new shirt or a bigger decision like a life partner or the career we pursue. By embracing them, we wear a kind of ‘skin’ of identity, sometimes we don’t like the skin, sometimes we love it.

In shaping your brand’s strategy, this is a key connector between your consumer insight and your brand’s idea.

As someone said – I love you not because of who you are, but because who I become when I am with you 😊

Interesting isn’t it if you see the growing trend of short-lived affairs and short tenures at work. It is a quest for self-discovery through exploration.


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