‘Are there some examples, case studies of other brands doing this? Preferably in a category similar to ours, in India?’

A common and seemingly ‘reasonable’ question you might face when you present an idea/concept.

Examples and case studies help us visualize the solution and give us the comfort of proven success.

Do you see the problem with it?

If brands have done it, it is not a new idea. If they have done it in a similar category and market, even less so. Therein lies the dilemma of ‘out of the box’ solutions.

While as creators and clients we wish for breakthrough ideas, but to understand them, we seek the comfort of precedence.

Our efforts to increase our comfort with this uncertainty often leads to the idea being killed or mauled beyond recognition.

If you are not comfortable dealing with the uncertainty that comes with an idea not done before, stop telling yourself you are looking for something ‘out of the box’.

Come to think of it, the icon for a new idea should not be a light bulb, but a dark, unfamiliar place fraught with uncertainty, danger, fear.



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